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Alexei Semenov
ID: semenov.alexei-l
AuthorID: 218197
Spin 2289-1720
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A. Semenov
Alexei Semenov
Mega textbook on informatics and ICT for primary school
Alexey Semyonov took part in the development of a digital educational and methodological complex in informatics and digital technologies for a primary school
Today we must prepare children at school not for the current technological level of the country and the world, but for the future, where the leading role will belong to information technology
Alexey Semyonov, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Russian Academy of Education, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
  • Informatics
  • Russian language
  • Literature
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Meta-subject digital technologies
The uniqueness of the textbook
Digital component
The digital component is significantly wider than is usually the case. A paper textbook is a “facade”, a presentation of a complete textbook. The textbook assumes a variable and multi-subject use.
Practicality and motivation
Mastering any subject at school through a textbook gives really practical skills and a fundamental basis for them. Completing the tasks of the textbook, the student gains experience in practical programming, career guidance, and in some cases, enters the IT profession.
Preparation for the GIA
The textbook should help prepare for the GIA. It would be reasonable for him to provide an opportunity to prepare for the GIA without resorting to external sources - benefits. At the same time, of course, when preparing for the OGE textbook, the student can receive external links to open free sites.