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PersonID 19667
Alexei Semenov
ID: semenov.alexei-l
AuthorID: 218197
Spin 2289-1720
AuthorID 7402499019
The project "Creation of a system of information and methodological support of educational institutions of the city of educational literature" (MCST).
Project "Development and testing of educational and methodological complex for integrative courses in natural science content" (MCST).
Project "Development of a draft system for assessing the quality of education (megaproject "Project for reforming the education system in Russia")
Project "Development of Education in Russia" (Assistance Fund).
Project "Development of electronic textbooks based on Internet technologies".
Project "Development of mechanisms and procedures for the conjugation of educational standards of general education and their implementation" (Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation).
Project "Scientific, methodological and informational support for the modernization of the education system" (Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation).
Project "Development of recommendations for the formation of the content of general education based on key competencies" (NPPK, World Bank).
Project "Development and creation of educational literature of a new generation for secondary schools on electronic media" (NFPK, World Bank).
Project for connecting educational institutions to the Internet.
Project "Electronic Moscow" (Moscow Government).
Development of concepts for the Unified State Examination in Mathematics and Informatics.
Winner of the Skolkovo School competition. The author of the team of developers of the concept of the educational complex "Skolkovo School". The competition started on September 9, 2011 with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and Microsoft.

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