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Alexei Semenov
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A. Semenov
Alexei Semenov
The 10th International Congress on Mathematical Education
Alexei Semenov took part in organizing the Russian Day at the 10th International Congress on Mathematics Education, which was held in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, on July 4-11, 2004.

More than 3 thousand of the largest scientists and teachers from all over the world took part in the International Congress. The Russian delegation included over 100 people. Our scientists presented a large exposition and an extensive program, read more than 30 reports.

A significant event of the congress was the presentation of the Russian mathematical school. Alexei Semenov joined the organizing committee of the Russian presentation and exhibition. The exhibition and the reports of our experts provided guests with an overview of all the spectrum of mathematics education in Russia.
Alexei Semenov in collaboration with Viktor Firsov presented a report on school mathematics in Russia and its historical aspects of existence.