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Alexei Semenov
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ICT-strategy for schools
Strategy of balanced and sustainable introducing of ICT into General Education was developed and implemented in Moscow based on "The Concept of introduction of ICT into Moscow Education"
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As the result of regional, country-wide and international experience a systemic sustainable strategy for "Informatization" was developed it covers content, human, technological and normative dimensions of the process. A school model developed by Professor Semenov based on international and Russian experience, which is known as the "Informatization School" or Digital School. This model is characterized by:

  1. a single (Moodle-based) information environment for storing resources, planning, recording of the learning and teaching processes and interactions (including distance), which provides digital transparency and accountability, safety, and privacy, parents and community engagement,
  2. maximum support to any teacher who has the required competences and wants to use ICT with: technology (equipment, digital resources and learning environment, communication, services, premises, etc. ), methodology (guidance on the most effective use of ICTs and available resources), regulations for school life (standards, recording of school marks, etc.),
  3. support to the school in the ICT field by local and higher level education authorities, based on its readiness to effectively use ICT and its past performance, focusing on teachers' planning.
The concept of informatization of the educational process in the Moscow Department of Education determines activities and interaction of participants of the educational process, educational management system and external institutions involved in the process of informatization. It is based on the following key provisions of the Concept of long-term socio-economic development of Russia for the period up to 2020:

"Development of the educational system should be based on such principles of project activities implemented in the priority national project "Education" as openness to external demands, a pplication of project methods, competitive identification and support of leaders who successfully put the new approaches into practice, recipient-oriented tools of resource support and integrated character of decision-making".
The Concept of Informatization of the Educational Process in the System of Moscow Department of Education, Moscow, 2009.
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Dissemination of Innovative Teaching Methodological Materials/ A.Uvarov,
G.Vodopian// Moscow, Universitetskaya Kniga, Moscow, 2008

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